Website is currently being updated

  • Due to our company expansion, we are currently updating our website.
  • Furthermore, Civil Wedding Planning Service Hong Kong Limited, a boutique wedding
    planning company for small and medium sized wedding for local and overseas couples has
    been incorporated to provide services below from now on.
  • Services such as:
  1. 3 months wedding planning service (for planning, sourcing, managing and organising
    your wedding);
  2. wedding assistance service for overseas client (for submitting the notice of intended
    marriage and being the local contact);
  3. wedding day management service (managing and organizing your wedding service
    providers on your wedding day);
  4. wedding sourcing (sourcing, engaging and managing your wedding service providers
    such as wedding food and drinks, photographers, wedding makeup and hairstylists
    and wedding officiants; renting your bridal dress; sorting out wedding logistics;
    arranging your wedding flowers and helping you decorating the venue, etc.); and
  5. wedding witness service.

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If interested in our service, please call us or whatspp us on +852 90363020 or you can email
our wedding planner, Francis, on [email protected]. When you contact
us, please provide the following details:

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    3 months wedding planning servicewedding assistance service for overseas clientwedding day management servicewedding sourcing servicewedding witness service

    Personal Data Collection Statement

    • Civil Wedding Planning Service Hong Kong Limited (we) are obligated to comply with
      the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. If you have any queries regarding privacy,
      please write to our Data Privacy Officer. To provide wedding services to you, we are
      required by law to collect certain information including, paper or electronic,
      documents required as set out above, from you and may provide them to third
      parties (Data).
    • Such Data which includes without limitation your and your fiancé’s name, address,
      email address, ID number, ID copy and telephone number. In the event, you do not
      provide such Data, we may not be able to provide services to you.
    • In addition, Data is collected and may be used for seven main purposes:
    1. provide services to you or by third parties that you engage and you ask us
      to manage on your behalf;
    2. maintain records, accounts and invoice you for your use of our Service;
    3. represent you, submitting any notice and/or applications on your behalf,
      liaising with the Marriage Registry and any governmental organizations
      including any consulates;
    4. carry out any additional services that you require;
    5. carry out our marketing activities;
    6. conduct due diligence, comply with anti-money laundering laws and
      regulations, Law Society rules, regulations and practice directions; and
    7. for any other legitimate purposes as may be required, authorized or
      permitted by law.


    • We are not a law firm.
    • If you are looking for a celebrant, we can also help you sourcing a celebrant under
      our wedding sourcing service. This service is provided a celebrant of marriages who
      may be a solicitor working in a law firm or an employed solicitor working for a
    • According to Law Society Practice Direction N Paragraph 8, an employed solicitor may
      act as a civil celebrant in the same manner as a solicitor in private practice provided
      that he advises the couple that he is not covered by the Professional Indemnity
      Scheme referred to in the Solicitors (Professional Indemnity) Rules. As such we only
      recommend employed solicitor which has commercial insurance coverage. If you
      have someone in mind, we can also help you securing his/her service.