Civil Wedding


Civil Wedding Service

We are a premium Wedding Planning Company. Our service is particularly suitable  for clients wanting a small and medium sized first class wedding service. Our weddings have been attended by royalties. Our motto is “Wedding is our business”. We try to plan unique, elegant and fun celebrations. We help clients to prepare their wedding budget and also help clients to find and manage wedding service providers. There are 4 types of wedding planning service that we provide.


I. Registry Wedding (Suitable for Local or Overseas Clients)

一. 註冊處婚禮 (適合本地或海外客戶)

  • We help our clients to arrange their wedding at the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry, City Hall Marriage Registry and Tsim Sha Tsui Registry. The officiant is a government official from the Marriage Registry. More photos at our gallery page.
  • 我們可幫助客戶在紅棉道婚姻登記處, 市政廳婚姻登記處及尖沙咀登記處安排婚禮。主持婚禮人會是婚姻登記處的政府官員。更多照片在我們的畫廊。

II. Church Wedding (for those churches licensed for marriage)(Suitable for Local Clients Only)

二. 教堂婚禮(適用於獲得結婚許可的教堂)(僅適用於本地客戶)

  • If you belong to a church licensed for marriage and need help in organising such wedding, you can also contact us for assistance.  For the avoidance of doubt, the officiants are likely to be a catholic priest or a minister who are not our employees. More photos at our gallery page.
  • 如果您是獲得結婚許可教堂的信徒,你也可以找我們幫忙策劃及籌備婚禮。為免誤會,主持婚禮人可能會是您的天主教神父、牧師或傳道人。更多照片在我們的畫廊。

III. Civil Celebrant Wedding (wedding officiated by government appointed civil celebrant of marriages)(Suitable for Local or Overseas Clients)

三.  民事婚禮(由政府任命的婚姻監禮人主持婚禮)(適用於本地或海外客戶)

  • We now have a list of pre-screened civil celebrant of marriages who work in law firms that provides such service. For the avoidance of doubt, these civil celebrant of marriages are not our employees but we engage them as our contractors. More photos at our gallery page.
  • 我們現有由我們預先篩選提供此服務在律師事務所工作的婚姻監禮人。為免生疑問,這些婚姻監禮人並不是我們的員工,而是我們聘請的承包商。更多照片在我們的畫廊。
  • All civil celebrant weddings in Hong Kong are of non-religious in nature. This does not mean that you can’t have a proper wedding. To the contrary, this means that you can have a wedding that you are identified with not you are being told to do it according to traditions or religious rites. Our wedding planning team will assist you to structure a wedding that you desire.
  • 香港所有的民事婚禮都是非宗教性質的。這並不意味著民事婚禮是不合法的。相反,這意味著您可以在自己喜歡的地方(在法例容許下)舉行婚禮,而不是被告知要在特定地方按照傳統或宗教模式進行婚禮。我們的婚禮策劃團隊將協助您安排您想要的婚禮。

IV. Renewal of Vows Service (Suitable for Local or Overseas Married Clients)

       更新誓言儀式 (適合本地或海外已婚客戶)

  • We also help our clients to organise a renewal of vows service. This bespoke Renewal of Vows Service includes a ceremonial certificate and a declaration of love.  More photos at our gallery.
  • 我們會幫助客戶策劃及籌備更新誓言儀式。這特別定制的“更新誓言儀 ”包括禮儀證書和愛的宣言。更多照片在我們的畫廊。

V. Couple’s Story (Suitable for Local or Overseas Clients)

     新人故事 (適合本地或海外客戶)

  • It is now increasingly popular to provide a couple’s story during the ceremonies. Instead of showing the guests the growing up video, through the power of words, the celebrant can tell the guests about what the couple is like, how they meet, who asks for the first date, what happens on the first date, what they have done or have been doing during their courtship and finally how the proposal came about. Our UK celebrant will write the couple’s story. To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on +85290363020 or email us at [email protected]
  • 現今新人故事越來越受歡迎。主持人可以通過言語的力量而不是透過公式的視象向客人展示他們的故事。新人故事可以告訴賓客新人如何會面,誰提出第一次約會,第一次約會時的趣事,拍拖過程中的體驗,最後求婚過程是如何產生的。新人故事是由我們的英國受訓的主持人撰寫。要了解更多關於這服務,請立即致電+85290363020與我們聯繫,或發送電子郵件至[email protected]與我們聯繫。