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Civil Celebrant Service (Hong Kong)  

About Us

Synopsis 概要

Established since 2008, Civil Celebrant Service (Hong Kong)(“we” or “our company” and for avoidance of doubt in the future if we use “our firm“, it means “our company” and in any case it does not mean a law firm) provide premium wedding service. Our company motto is “Wedding is our business ”. As a wedding planning company, we assist our clients preparing wedding budgets, rundown and manage wedding service providers engaged by our clients on their behalf in Hong Kong, UK and in Thailand. We also help in assisting our clients in registering the marriage with the marriage registry or with one of our business partners civil celebrant in Hong Kong, UK or Thailand.

成立於2008年的 Civil Celebrant Service (Hong Kong)(“我們” 或 “我們公司”(為避免我們使用“我們公司”時產生誤會, “我們公司” 並不代表我們是律師事務所))提供優質的婚禮服務, 我們公司的座右銘是“婚禮是我們的業務”,作為婚禮策劃公司,我們協助客戶準備婚禮預算, 婚禮過程, 並代表客戶管理他們在香港, 大不列顛聯合王國及泰國聘用的婚禮服務提供商。我們亦會幫助我們的客戶在香港, 大不列顛聯合王國及泰國婚姻註冊處或透過婚姻監禮人註冊結婚。

Our company has provided professional wedding service since 2008. We are specialised in small and medium sized yet elegant and prestigious weddings. Our wedding has been attended by royalties and celebrities. 自2008年以來我們公司一直提供專業的婚禮服務。我們專注於中小型卻又優雅而有聲望的婚禮。外國皇室和名人也出席過我們的婚禮。

If interested about overseas wedding, beach wedding, tram wedding, hot air balloon wedding, helicopter wedding or underwater wedding, feel free to contact us.


For the avoidance of doubt, we are not a law firm (although we have been quoted by some legal website as one of the best service providers in Hong Kong) and as such we are not covered by the Professional Indemnity Scheme referred to in the Solicitors (Professional Indemnity) Rules. If you need legal advice, we suggest that you seek an independent legal advice from a law firm which can be found on the Hong Kong Law Society website.


Our Team

Francis is the chief wedding planner and chief celebrant of this company. He graduated from King’s College, London. Received degree/graduate diploma from London School of Economics,  University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University and University of Oxford. He is a civil celebrant of marriages and a Humanists UK trained celebrant. He speaks fluent Cantonese and English. He has officiated weddings in front of European Royalties.

David is a consultant of a law firm and a civil celebrant of marriages. He is a native English speaker.

Michelle is a solicitor of a law firm and a civil celebrant of marriages. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Terrence is a solicitor of a law firm and a civil celebrant of marriages. He speaks Cantonese.

Jocelyn is our senior wedding assistant.

Jeff is our photographer. We have engaged Jeff and his team for a lot of interracial marriages wedding. He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Paddy is our photographer. He is a celebrity photographer. He speaks Cantonese.

Harris is our photographer. He is Indonesian Chinese. He speaks English and Indonesian (common/main tongue).

Charles is our photographer. We have engaged Charles and his team for interracial marriages wedding too.

Vincent is our videographer. Part of Jeff’s team.

Sophia is our videographer. Part of Jeff’s team.

Bowen is our videographer. Bowen is a commercial videographer who does beautiful and western wedding videos.

Lillian is our makeup artist and hairstylist. Lillian is Hong Kong based. She has served European, Australian and Asian client. She also has her own channel at a social media platform.

Summer is our makeup artist. She is based in Taipei. She has years of experience as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the fashion (fashion week), film, print media and music industry. She is now available for pre wedding photos shoot in Taipei. She speaks Mandarin.

Celia is our senior makeup artist and hairstylist. She has more than 10 years of experience in hair design and bridal makeup. In addition, to bridal makeup, she has worked with a number of celebrities, on fashion shows, television advertising, conferences, various promotional activities and magazines models shoots.

Travel Centre Limited  is our travel consultant. Over 15 years of experience in the travel industries. One of the founders of the Small and Medium Sized Travel Agency Alliance.

A Wine Club is our wine consultant. A Wine Club offers Champagne and Fine Wine.

Orchid is our florist consultant. Orchid has years of experience in providing their flowers to us.

101 is our decorator consultant. One of the value for money wedding decorators in Hong Kong.

Kitty is our wedding dress consultant. She has years of experience in the wedding dress industry. She can help you pick a wedding dress that meets your needs.

For Thailand and UK staff, we will list them out later.

PS. Some of them are our contractors. If you go with us, we can get you better deals.

 Press and Review 報導及評論

Press Clippings 新聞剪報 




From our local client (EMC16072022)
And thanks again Francis for everything, we had lots of comments on what a great ceremony it was and how great you were so thank you. Kezia

From our local client (WAC19072018)
Aman and I just wanted to thank you for being so fantastic in helping us prepare for our wedding and in celebrating our special day. Your professionalism and kindness was wonderfully reassuring.

From our overseas client (EMC18072018)
Thank you again for everything! It was all very smooth and exactly what we wanted

From our overseas client (FBC20072018)
We are very pleased with the service and help from Francis. All arrangements were made with efficiency and interest in meeting our needs. From the first contact to the last, Francis was prompt and informative in helping us get married in Hong Kong. Being from overseas, it was important that we had someone to help us each step on the way and Francis did that. Even the typhoon that shut down HK on our wedding weekend did not stop of deter Francis. He was able to make all the needed adjustments and arrangements. All the referrals for makeup, photography, transportation were provided by Francis and top notch.

Francis – thank you very much!


Legal Notices and Privacy Policies 


Legal Notices 法律聲明

We either own the copyright or we are licensed for all the materials contained in this website. Our logo is a licensed trademark. Anyone who uses our logo without our express written consent or the express written consent of our licensor will be considered as an act of trademark infringement. We and our licensor will have a right of action against the infringer. We and our licensor may initiate legal actions against the infringer without notice. If you are interested to promote us, please message us on [email protected]

我們擁有或獲得本網站所含所有材料的版權或許可。我們的商標是註冊商標。任何人未經我們的明確書面許可或未經許可方的明確書面許可使用我們商標都將被視為商標侵權行為。我們和許可人將有權對侵權者提出訴訟。如我們和許可人可對侵權人提起法律訴訟,我們並不須要另行通知。如果您有興趣推廣我們,請發電郵至[email protected]

All contents and information (“Information“) contained in this website are considered up-to-date as of the time of publication. We reserve the right to delete, amend, modify, change and update any Information without prior notice as we think fit. Apart from agreed contractual obligations and, we disclaim any liabilities, as far as it is permitted by law, arising to any person, company and any organisation who has relied on the Information contained in this website.


All clients identified here have provided their express consent to be identified. All photos that feature our clients have also received their express consent to be featured here.


If there is a discrepancy between English and Chinese translation, the English language is to take precedence. 如果英漢翻譯之間存在差異,則以英語為準。

Privacy Policies 私隱政策

privacy matters

Au Yeung Civil Celebrant Service trading as Civil Celebrant Service (Hong Kong) (we) are obligated to comply with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. If you have any queries regarding privacy, please write to our Data Privacy Officer.

Au Yeung Civil Celebrant Service (商業名稱為 Civil Celebrant Service (Hong Kong))(「我們」)有義務遵守《個人資料(私隱)條例》。如果您對私隱有任何疑問,請寫給我們的資料私隱專員。

To provide wedding planning services or any other wedding services to you in Hong Kong or overseas, we are required by law to collect certain information from you (Data). Such Data is set out in this booking form or requested in our contract which includes without limitation your name, address, email address, ID number, Passport number, ID card copy, passport copy, telephone number, photos and videos and any other documents or format in such nature or categories. In addition, Data is collected and may be used for seven main purposes 為了在香港或海外為您提供婚禮策劃服務或任何其他婚禮服務,法律要求我們收集您的某些資信,並可能將這些資信「資料」提供給第三方。「資料」在本網站的預訂表格或我們的合同中列出,其中包括但不限於您的姓名,地址,電子郵件地址,身份證號,護照號碼,身份證副本,護照副本,電話號碼,照片和視頻以及任何其他文件或格式以這種性質或類別。另外,收集數據並可以將其用於七個主要目的:

(1) provide services to you or provide assistance to third parties that you engage and you ask us to manage on your behalf 向您提供服務或向您所聘用並請我們代表您進行管理的第三方供應商提供幫助;

(2) maintain records, accounts and invoice you for your use of our Service 保留您使用我們服務的記錄,賬目和發票;

(3) represent you liaising with the Marriage Registry and any governmental organizations including any consulates 代表您與婚姻註冊處和任何政府組織(包括領事館)聯絡;

(4) carry out any additional services that you require 提供您需要的任何其他服務;

(5) carry out our marketing activities 進行營銷活動;

(6) conduct due diligence, comply with anti-money laundering laws and regulations, Law Society rules, regulations and practice directions 進行審查,遵守打擊洗錢法律及法規,律師協會的規則,法規和業務指示;and 及

(7) for any other legitimate purposes as may be required, authorized or permitted by law. 因法律要求,授權或允許的任何其他合法目的。

In the event, you do not provide such Data, we may not be able to provide services to you. 如果您不提供此類資料,我們可能無法為您提供服務。

You have a right to ask us to delete any personal data we hold. If needed, please email us at [email protected] and marked the subject “Delete Personal Data”. We will try to delete all personal data kept by us except those data that is required by law to be kept within 30 working days except those data that is required by law to be kept. 您有權要求我們刪除我們持有您的任何個人「資料」。如需要, 請給我們發送電子郵件至[email protected],並標明“刪除個人「資料」”主題。除法律要求保留的「資料」外, 我們將嘗試在30個工作日內刪除我們保留您的所有個人「資料」。